Welcome to my personal website!

Welcome to my personal website!


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Status PR Partner


My partner Chris Rossi and I founded STATUS PR, a top-tier, mid-sized public relations  firm specializing in tailored publicity services. STATUS PR maintains a  broad spectrum of clientele ranging from Amazon, Nickelodeon, The  Hallmark Channel, Knott’s Berry Farm; to award-winning TV, film and  Broadway actors; musicians and record labels and more.

STATUS PR's consistently praised approaches to public relations do more  than get the client into the public eye.  Our firm builds and brands an  image around the client and raises their profile, while promoting  clients in countless ways across the nation, and often, internationally  as well. Our cutting edge roster and wide range of contacts throughout  the industry unquestionably benefit every new client who joins the  family. With the ability, vigor, and charisma needed to appropriately  represent the best talent from various divisions within the firm, we  consistently keep a leg up in the ever-changing PR industry.

I am blessed and grateful to have been given the opportunity to represent and develop some of Hollywood's top names over the years. Some examples of my career achievements include building up the acting career of the brilliant Michael B. Jordan, to developing Gina Rodriguez after pushing her 'it girl" Sundance run for the film "Filly Brown," following with spearheading her campaign on The CW's first ever Golden Globe PR win for "Jane the Virgin," to achieving an Emmy win for Carrie Preston for her recurring role on CBS' "The Good Wife," developing starlet Zoey Deutch to a leading lady, to successfully representing filmmaker Theodore Melfi, who during our Oscar push, secured a well-deserved Academy Award nomination for the brilliant film "Hidden Figures," it's all been an adventure and beautiful journey.

Conscious Living PR


I launched Conscious Living simply due to my own personal passion for the mind, body and spirit connection. The goal with  this agency is to assist in promoting quality brands via media and  social efforts in the natural, eco-friendly, mind/body/spirit and organic arenas. With our prior success and award-winning experience,  Conscious Living PR focuses on natural and altruistic PR via creative strategies in an honest and passionate manner for the clients we represent. These clients include US and international experts, authors, products, services  and philanthropic organizations.

We are renowned for developing effective  campaigns that deliver results. 

Our company is  passion-driven. We are honest, and we care. 

Our clients' businesses  epitomize these same passions and beliefs. We aim to help one's career and/or business blossom in order to bring more good in the world. 



Since the age of 13, my abilities to work with non-ordinary reality came with a sudden rush, after years of subtle awareness of the supernatural since I was about seven. I was able to feel and channel energy as a teen, but I didn’t understand it. At 18, I decided to leave the spirit world behind and "be a normal girl."  

It wasn't until I was in my thirties, living as a happy, successful mother, wife, and owner of a talent public relations agency, that I started to find resources to help me understand the concept of understanding this energy. I started to explore the law of attraction, the power of love and gratitude, and how you could manifest the life you desire. I had been blinded by the rat race and pushing away my gifts in order to be "normal" and above all, successful in business. Little did I know then, that I could use these gifts to become even more successful with anything I did in life, especially business!

Eventually, I reached a satisfactory point of success in my career, and my eyes started to open wider. Spirit supported my journey and effortlessly led me to find some of the most incredible spiritual teachers and mentors. From some of the world's leading mediums, energy workers, shamans, and psychics, to holistic doctors and esoteric and spiritual philosophers, extraordinary people have come to my aid, teaching me valuable life lessons, history and healing practices. I dedicated all my free time to studying and experiencing everything spiritual that I could get my hands on. I became a Reiki Master, and took courses in numerology, advanced tarot reading, advanced psychic mediumship and most importantly, trained in Peruvian shamanism. In a self-discovery workshop meditation, I was told to become a shaman. What's funny is I didn’t even know what a shaman really was and had to look it up and research it afterwards. 

I have now studied various forms of meditation, Reiki and crystal healing, powerful distance energy work, psychic mediumship and shamanic healing.

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